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General Submission Information and Rules

  1. Listings are sorted by PR.
  2. Featured listings are shown above all non-paid listings, regardless of the non-paid listings' PR.
  3. Both standard and featured listings are permanent, with the listing fee being a one-time payment.
  4. Take care to write good quality descriptions. Submissions that contain errors, bad grammar, or similar will delay approval.
  5. Do not submit links to affiliate programs or web sites that only contain affiliate links.
  6. Do not submit links to pornographic sites or web sites that have links or banners that lead to pornographic web sites.
  7. Do not submit sites that are under construction.
  8. Do not submit link redirect pages such as "" or "". These redirect sites are very busy and frequently fail to complete the link causing an overwhelming number of reports of "Broken Links" for sites that are properly functioning. Submit the direct link to your web site only to ensure the best web surfing experience for visitors.
  9. Submit titles and descriptions in English only.
  10. Use proper case for significant words in the title. Capitalize the first letter of each sentence in descriptions, as well as proper nouns. Submissions that contain fields in all UPPER CASE or all lower case will not be accepted.
  11. Homepage and inner page submissions are accepted, as long as they are submitted to an appropriate category.


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